Top panoramic views in Brasov

Each city has its special place that offers the best views. When it comes to Brasov, it is hard to decide which is that place as it has a lot of viewpoints and panoramic places! No matter what angle you choose, there is something to capture and admire, this is why I love Brasov soooo much!

My favorite season is summer as the landscape comes to life and charming green nuances enchant one’s eyes. It`s like magic!

My top panoramic views are:

  1. Tampa – the view from the above is stunning! Wow!

How to get to Tampa:

  • Cable car: 18 RON/return/person. The journey takes up to 2 minutes!
  • Red triangle way – Serpentinelor trail (easily accessible trail, it takes up to one hour)
  • Yellow triangle way – Gabony’s stairs (it is difficult as there are 167 stairs and they are very steep. It involves a lot of effort!)

It worth saying that I took all the options: cable car (the most convenient one), Serpentinelor trail and Gabony’s steps (both involved a lot of effort and seemed to be endless). However, I enjoyed walking in nature and challenging me to make some effort. For descending, I would prefer Gabony’s stairs – it is easier and the slopes can be traversed faster.

There are 3 views from the top of Tampa.

I. My favorite one can be found after you will see the Brasov sign (climb a bit more). The view is stunning! However, the place isn’t enclosed by bumpers so take care especially if you visit it with children.

II. The view near Brasov Hollywood style sign – usually it is very crowded. You should get close to the bumpers in order to be able to take some photos/admire the view.

III. The view from the Gabony’s steps – 10 minutes from the top of Tampa (direction: Gabony’s steps). You will walk a bit on a forest trail and then you will get to a meadow: you can overlook Racadau quarter and the splendid mountains! It is not so crowded and the view is not to be missed!

2. White Tower view – right behind the alleys, you will find some steep stairs that will lead you to White tower. Be careful! the stairs are really dangerous and they involve a lot of attention and effort! Once there, you will have a beautiful view of the old town!

How to get to White Tower: get off at Biserica Neagra bus station, follow the Behind the alleys road and close to the end of it, you will find some panels that will guide you to White Tower.

3. The view from Black Tower – sooo nice! You will have a closer look at the old city. What I like there is that you can admire and capture the Black Church in all its beauty.

How to get to Black Tower: it is close to “Biserica Neagra” bus station and Behind the alleys. Once you arrive at the bus station, you should follow the alley (accessible road) until there (some 5 – 10 minutes).

4. The view from Sub Tampa alley – nice nature walk, you can admire the city’s medieval walls, as well as a part of the city. What I like there is that the alley is paved and there are many benches so that you can admire the beautiful view. You can have a relaxed walk for about 20 minutes at the footsteps of Tampa.

How to get to Sub Tampa alley: it is located 15 minutes away from Piata Sfatului. In order to get there follow Eroilor road (direction: Tampa hill). A pretty close bus station is Livada Postei.

  1. The view from the road that leads to Poiana Brasov.

You can get there only if traveling by car or bus (number 20). I captured the below shot from the bus window.

This was my top. What is yours?

Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.