A travel guide to Brasov. What to see in Brasov

Brasov is my favorite city from Romania. I don’t remember how many times I have been there (quite a lot) but every time I discover something new, a new view, a new street, a new building and I fall in love once again.

I love Brasov as it is small, not so crowded, clean, colored, it has lots of sightseeing places, also it is the perfect match for hiking lovers (Tampa, Solomon`s rocks), last but not least – its air is so fresh! It is just perfect in each season but I love going to Brasov especially during summer. Also, it is close to Poiana Brasov, a beautiful mountain resort.

How to get in Brasov from Bucharest

Take the train to Brasov (I prefer private trains with low fares) 60 RON/return/person.

How to get to the city center from the train station

Take the bus 4 (2 Ron/one way) until Livada Postei (2 minutes from the center) or get off at Biserica Neagra (5 minutes from Black Church and city center).


  1. Piata Sfatului – Start the day admiring the charming houses from the center with Tampa Mountain in the background. Don’t limit to Piata Sfatului, but wander around on the near streets:

2. Visit the Black Church** – partially destroyed in 1689 by a fire, it was rebuilt and named “Black Church”. It is the biggest Gothic church from southeastern Europe and it hosts an impressive pipe organ.

  1. Admire the Rope Street, one of the narrowest streets in Europe. I love it as it is so colorful!

4. Overlook Brasov from Black/White Tower**: the view is amazing!

  1. Brasov was a defensive fortress in past. This is why you will see a lot of fortifications that surround the town, as well as towers that overlook Brasov. One of the fortifications is the Behind the alleys region and Graft Bastion.

6. Ecaterina’s gate – a beautiful gate with 4 mini towers built in 1559. It was one of the main city’s access gates in the past.

  1. Have a relaxing walk on Sub Tampa alley – I love it as on the left side you have the forest and on the right side you can to overlook Brasov and its medieval walls. The view is not to be missed! There is a sidewalk with benches so one can sit down and enjoy the view.

8. Hiking to Tampa!!! The trails are challenging but once arrived on top the view is amazing! (if you’re lazy, there is also a cable car – 18 RON/one person/return)

In order to get to Tampa, you have 2 hiking possibilities:

  • A red triangle – Serpentinelor trail (pretty easy trail, it takes up to one hour)
  • A yellow triangle – Gabony’s stairs (difficult trail, it consists in 167 steep stairs)

On the road, you will find a stunning overlooking point (on Gabony stairs trail):

The view from the top – spechless:

Other photos:


Train: 60 RON/return/one person

Bus tickets: 4 RON/return/person

Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.