Why Skiathos is worth a visit

Only one month left until the trip to Greece… Can’t wait! Until then, I decided to share with you some beautiful memories from my first trip to Greece. After one year of volunteering and working hard for the NGO projects, we have received a free summer camp in Greece, Paralia Katerini as an award for our winning project! I was so excited! From the first moment I said “yes, I am coming” even if I had a full-time job and few days of vacation left. And it was such a beautiful experience!

In this post, I will share with you our one day trip to Skiathos, a wonderful island with crystal clear water and beautiful scenery!

We bought this trip from a local tourism agency: it was 35 euros/person. There are multiple agencies that offer the same trip – we have chosen a Romanian agency. At that time, this trip was organized only on Tuesdays.


The departure is usually early in the morning (around 6 a.m.). You will travel by bus for almost 2 hours (arrival: Volos) and from there, you will travel by ship for another 2 hours.

I was so sleepy when I got to Volos and I was prepared for another 2 boring hours in the ship. Those two “boring hours” turned out to be the best 2 hours from all the vacation! The captain and his staff entertained us a lot: they invited all the people to dance with them on both well-known and Greek songs. It was crazy to see all the people dancing and having fun! From time to time, the captain was pausing the music and making jokes or trying to speak in Romanian – so funny! In the end, we received Metaxa (their local alcoholic drink) as a reward for our “effort”.

I was impressed: the captain and his staff were so friendly, funny and hospitable and they really knew how to entertain people! No wonder why tourism in Greece is contributing 18% to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product!!!

Also, the view on the way to Skiathos was amazing and we saw dolphins along the way.


Once we got in Skiathos, we were told that we had only two hours to see the surroundings and to have the lunch break.

We climbed the inclined slopes and the stairs to the top – where you will find a small church and the best view from Skiathos: a panoramic view of the white-washed houses with the forested hills and blue magic sea surrounding them.

Also, the church has an interesting legend: it is said that all the single ladies will find their match and marry him one year after praying for this in the church.

After that, we had the lunch break in the port and walked a bit around the port. I loved the views!

We embarked on the ship and were announced that the next stop will be Koukounaries beach from Skiathos (koukounaries means pines).

Koukounaries beach is a small paradise: fine sand, crystal clear water, pines all around the beach, hills in the background…wow! My only regret is that the photo below is the only one that I have from there. I was so fascinated by the landscape that I spent my time enjoying every second without using the technology. I swam, I had some sun tanning, I laughed with my friends, it was awesome!

Right near Koukounaries, there is a small amazing beach that impressed me a lot. The color of the water is just unreal, the pines, the hill, the fine sand…it is just perfect.

We hardly left this small piece of paradise, hoping that one day we’ll come back and stay longer.

Along the way, I admired the beautiful views of Skiathos with its fairy tale hidden beaches, green hills and that magical blue water:

If you are planning a trip to Paralia Katerini, don’t miss this beauty called Skiathos!

Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.