Hiking to Mount Solaro in Anacapri. The complete guide to Mount Solaro

The hiking to mount Solaro should have been the highlight of my trip to Capri. I’ve prepared a lot by reading all the existing information (not too much though) and I got very excited about the trip. I got there on 10th of March, on a cloudy day. Just a side note, the chairlift did not work (even if on their website I saw that it should work all year long). I suspect that due to weather conditions (cloudy day), the chairlift may be opened or not.

But let’s return to the hiking part… On the internet, I read that the trail begins in Piazza della Pace and that the road is well marked and I was very surprised when in Piazza della Pace I did not see any indicator and during the trail, I found only 2 indicators. Luckily, we encountered a local who helped us a lot.