Zakynthos is more than Navaggio and Carreta-Carreta. What I liked in Zakynthos

Don’t get me wrong: I visited Navaggio and it’s simply stunning! However, there are a lot of other places that are amazing and must-see while visiting Zakynthos.

I returned last week from Zakynthos and I find it very difficult to write down all the emotions and feelings that I felt there: from the fear that we will land on water (the plane was getting closer and closer to the water and the land refused to show up for 30 minutes!), to the speechless sensation when you see its amazing landscapes, to the joy that I felt every day on my way to another adventure, to the violent motion sickness while visiting the most wonderful landscapes we’ve ever seen.

We stayed in Alikanas, a very quiet and lovely place, which I totally recommend you if you are looking for the perfect holiday.

Disclaimer: *None of the photos from this article are edited!

What I liked about Zakynthos (random order):

  1. The beach with fine and clean sand, reed umbrellas, quiet and not crowded (their beaches are small with few rows of sunbeds). We were lucky to find the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen so far: green grass, trees, hammocks, and some tables so that one can relax and enjoy the nature.

*Useful: 2 sunbeds with one umbrella cost 6 euros. If you go later in the evening (for example on the first day we went to the beach after 4 PM), you only pay what you consume.*

2. The water! It has so many nuances of turquoise, dark blue, crazy blue that you will be surprised!

Photo from Agios Nikolaos – 3 nuances of turquoise:

Photo from Alykes – love this color!

Xigia Beach – lovely turquoise

Water from Navaggio (just crazy!) One friend was asking me “Is this water for real? I mean you didn’t use any filter??”

3. The landscapes! From the endless olive groves to endless blue water, no matter the angle, you will always have something to capture!

4. The food: Gyros, Greek salad, moussaka, Souvlaki, whatever you would choose, the result is the same: delicious and enjoyable meal! What I liked, even more, is that they have tablecloths with Zakynthos map.

5. Alikanas – a very quiet and relaxing place.

As we were too lazy to see the sunrise, we admired a beautiful sunset on the beach.

Trip acquired from a Romanian agency – 300 euros including transport by plane with all taxes included, transfer to the hotel and 7-night stay in a 3 start hotel with breakfast included in Alikanas.

Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.